Wind-Powered Generator Project

Seattle Center 2062

The Wind Powered Generator Project is the first in a series of maker projects that we’re planning on completing and displaying at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire this summer. We’re using salvaged metal parts, an old stop sign and a donated treadmill to build the project. The plan is to use a heavy duty tent frame to support the structure and make it portable for temporary and emergency setup in a variety of locations. I’m anxious to see how much power if any it will create or if it will just wind up being a tall kinetic sculpture. If you’re also interested in participating in the project or just curious, come join us by signing up on our Meetup site and check for details when we’ll meet.

parts for the windmill


Harvesting parts from a treadmill

We’re Two-for-Two Fixing KitchenAid Mixers!

We got our second KitchenAid mixer to repair at a recent fixers meeting. (Here’s Christina’s write-up on the first mixer) Like the first mixer we were able to troubleshoot and repair the problem. The problem this time was the bolts holding the motor became loose and caused the gears to get out of alignment. The solution was to realign the gears and retighten the bolts and the mixer was back in order and ready for the next batch of yummy desserts and baked goods.

KitchenAid Mixers get great reviews and I now know they are not too difficult to repair yourself. If I ever buy a mixer, I’m getting a KitchenAid!

Introduction to Indoor Winter Gardening

The very informative workshop was recently taught by Christina Hahs at the West Seattle Tool Library. Christina demonstrated how quickly and easy it is to grow sprouts and the huge variety there is to choose from. She also covered getting starter plants ready for the spring, soil treatments, dealing with pests, watering techniques and many other useful and important tips.

If you missed the workshop, than stay tuned to the West Seattle Tool Library events page or join the Meetup group for other exciting workshops.