How to Start a Fixers’ Collective

After getting mentioned in articles by Wired Magazine and Fox News we started receiving a few inquiries on how to go about starting a fixers’ collective. Starting the West Seattle Fixers’ Collective was relatively easy to do by partnering with the West Seattle Tool Library. The Tool Library already had most of the resources for starting the fixers’ collective; a work area with decent lighting and heating, internet access for looking up repair solutions (, an abundance of tools and repair books, and the most important resource of all; a small but dedicated group of volunteers, fixers and tinkerers.  The last piece of the puzzle was to organize regularly scheduled meet-up times, supply a few snacks and refreshments, and see who shows up. Since opening in mid-2011, the West Seattle Fixers’ Collective have repaired a wide range of items from an antique dental drill, a few kitchen mixers to various electronic devices as well as maintaining and repairing the tools in the Tool Library itself.

Here is more info in getting a tool library started that was created by one of our members.